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Why Event Security Is Part Of Customer Service

Why Event Security is Part of Customer Service

Why Event Security is Part of Customer Service

It may surprise you but event security is part of customer service. The reason is simple – the people that your audience and attendees see and interact with are those at the forefront of your event. In most cases, these are the event security teams you have hired. They are often the first and the last people your guests will interact with. Knowing it is essential to get it right is one thing but hiring the right event security people is another.


Security staff haven’t always enjoyed the best press – some would argue that this still is the case. Stories circulate of heavy-handed tactics, stern faces and poor relations between security staff and customers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. Event security staff who are trained and hold SIA licenses will understand the importance of forming relationships with the people that they are essentially engaged to help.

When it comes to customer service and the impression people are left with of your event, security staff play a role, the importance of which shouldn’t be underestimated.


At one time, security staff dealt with ‘incidents’ by becoming ‘physically’ involved. But now, this should always be seen as the last line of defence. Security staff are expected to take many other courses of action before they enter into anything physical with someone.

Training focuses on reading the situation including recognising body language but also the importance of engaging with people. Eye contact is also important.

Essentially, you need to hire trained event security staff who understand the importance of communication with people, not just standing still and looking stern.

Be ready to HELP

Event security teams are people who should be ready to help.

There are all kinds of incidents that could occur. The fire alarm could sound leading to an evacuation. Someone could be taken ill or people could need information or directions to the car park, cloakroom and so on.

Gone are the days when security staff did nothing more than stand, looking eagle-eyed at everyone as they arrived. When they see trouble possibly brewing, the modern security team will intervene, attempting to dissolve the situation rather than escalating it by getting physical.


People’s expectations of event security staff are different too. they expect them to be more personable and communicative.

Clients also have different expectations which is why when you hire event security staff, you are hiring people who are at the forefront of the customer service you are offering. Security staff are hired to protect people and property and to do so in a way that is proactive.

What this means today is different to security staffing of old. The modern event security team will do everything they can to diffuse problematic situations, whilst also realising just how important their interaction with people is.


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