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Hire Coventry Security Staff

Coventry in the West Midlands plays host to many events throughout the year, one of which could be yours! If it is, you’ll understand the importance of hiring event security staff. These are the highly trained people who ensure that everyone who attends your event is safe and the venue itself secure.

Why hire licensed security staff in Coventry?

It’s a sad fact that today, every event organised needs to have security at the forefront of planning. From people attending with the intention of causing trouble to an act of terrorism, the need for licensed, trained and professional event security staff has never been greater.

But there is research that shows the more visible and high in numbers security teams are, the less safe people feel! And so hiring event security staff in Coventry who can provide different layers of event security is essential.

For most events, both public and private events, the need to hire an event security team is a requirement of the local police force, local authority rules and may also be a stipulation by your insurers too. But you need to hire professional security staff who hold a current SIA licence.

And that’s why hiring event security staff from us makes sense. All our staff are SIA licensed and fully trained to offer the responsive and professional event security measures your event needs.

Event security services in Coventry

We offer a range of security options for all kinds of events so that, as event organiser, your security plan objectives are met. These include (but are not limited to);

  • Exhibition and conference security
  • TV & film security
  • Event security of all kinds including private and public attended events in Rugby
  • Private party security
  • Wedding security
  • Festival security
  • Construction site security

Our event services are also second-to-none, with our local Coventry security teams on hand to provide;

  • Bag searches
  • Scanning tickets/ wristbands
  • Staffing entry and exit points
  • Patrolling perimeters
  • Marshals and stewards for sporting events and other outdoor, public attended events including festivals in Rugby
  • Event staffing services of all kinds
  • Crowd management
  • Door supervision
  • ID checking
  • Car park and traffic control
  • And much, much more!

How to book security staff for your event

Our security personnel and security guards are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. They will arrive fully briefed as to the event security plan but will also be part of your onsite security briefing.

They remain professional and responsive throughout the event, making sure that everyone who attends your event is kept safe. They can initiate and be part of emergency and evacuation procedures, should that be needed.

To hire professional SIA licensed event security staff in Coventry, call us on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below.