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Hire a Covid Secure Marshal

The government is introducing Covid Marshals in towns and city centres throughout England to make sure people are following the Coronavirus rules and make sure people are social distancing.

Business owners are struggling to enforce the rules with customers especially when using their own staff who are not confident or trained to do this.

Why hire a Covid Secure Marshal?

It takes the pressure off your staff having to do this and they are trained to deal with difficult situations.  This also gives you reassurance that your business is doing as much as it can to keep everyone safe and following government guidelines.  Thus saving you from hefty fines.

The will direct members of the public, hand out mask, make sure sanitiser is used in public places and remind the public of the guidelines, all in a nice friendly manner.

What else can a Covid Marshal do?

Because event and hospitality venues are now legally required to take down contact details of anyone visiting they can assist with this too.   Again, making your customers and staff feeling assured that you want to look after their welfare and that you are a responsible business who follows rules.

They can contact the police if needed as the police now have new powers when it comes to Covid breaches.  Again something you don’t need to be dealing with.

They can also give advice, guidance so help people who are unsure of what the rules are within your event or premises.

Your customers and visitors want to see a stronger enforcement of the rules and having marshals will do exactly that.

How can I hire a Covid Secure Marshal?

Simple, to get a quote and find our how much then you can call us on 0844 800 0071 or complete the enquiry form below.


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