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Temperature Checking Staff

Our new normality is not far away but it will be very different from the old normal, with measures to avoid a second peak and avoid the spread of COVID-19, all businesses will be made to do their part in keeping their customers and staff safe and with symptoms of the virus known to be invisible, temperature checking will become a vital part of any plan and it is defiantly a fact to use so that we do not get complacent.

temperature checking covid

That’s where our temperature checking staff can really step in to put a big block into the spread of the virus by using no-touch thermometer readers to intervene and use their experience and knowledge to make the decision to ensure your customer and other visitor’s health are the priority.

Is temperature checking effective?

With COVID-19 being an invisible killer and in some cases an asymptomatic virus, temperature checks are just one of the variety of tools that are being widely used in airports in Asia to avoid the spread of COVID-19, which has been proven to work well.

Find the right staff to carry out temperature checks?

All our staff are experienced. Not only can they carry out the temperature checks for you but they can ensure other government guidance is followed. They can also carry out duties such as :-

– Ensuring social distancing is adhered to
– Make sure the public, your staff, etc are washing their hands
– Make sure face mask are worn when required]
– Give a visible presence showing visitors and staff show you are following guidelines and have interest in their welfare

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