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Festivals in the UK are growing in both number and size. With more festival attendees to cater for, festival security becomes even more critical. And we can help with every aspect!

These music events are a massive draw for people of all ages. One-day festivals can be just as popular as weekend-long music festivals with some now lasting up to a week. Big name festivals like Glastonbury draws huge crowds, as do independent festivals.

As well as the general fizz of excitement, add alcohol consumption and recreational drug use, and you can see why responsive and planned festival security is a must.

What festival security measures are needed?

At Envisage Security, we offer a range of festival security measures and services that are a must for keeping everyone safe at your festival including;

  • Front of house security – security staff visible at entry and exit points set the tone of your event.   Letting attendees and guest know that there is festival security on site. This is just as much about reassuring event-goers as it is about sending a clear message to others intent on causing problems.
  • Perimeter monitoring – festivals can be enormous in terms of the ground they cover and so establishing a perimeter is key to effective festival security. Our SIA licensed security staff can patrol the festival perimeter for the duration of your event.
  • Static and patrolling security – festivals are busy, busy places with more than one event happening at any one time. Managing security across the entire area can seem an impossible task. The key is to have a mix of festival security measures which includes statistic and patrolling security.
  • On-site first aiders and other specialist skills – we select our professional festival security personnel carefully, making sure they are vetted but also have the key skills that UK festival organisers look for. First aid is one key skill, as is being able to respond appropriately in an emergency.

We provide a range of festival security services too, including car parking attendants, marshals and stewards, traffic management teams on site and more.

Why turn to Envisage Security for festival security services?

Aside from being an established event security and festival security firm, we are trusted to provide;

• Vetted, experienced, trained and SIA licensed security personnel – essential this makes for responsive festival security which is exactly what you need.
• Fantastic security that supports your festival – we know that you want a certain vibe or atmosphere around your festival. Providing a mix of festival security measures and activities that make sure this happens!
• Bespoke, tailored festival security services – that fit the needs of your event, making sure everyone who attends, including guests and performing artists, are safe.

We can provide uniformed staff, as well as plains-cloths security staff for festivals across the UK. With a reputation for providing the best security staff, you can see why festival and event organisers turn to us.

Contact us to hire festival security personnel!

We’d love to know more about your festival and your event plans, and how we at Envisage Security can support you to make your plans for a safe festival into reality.

As well as festival security, we can provide all kinds of event security planning support too. Simply complete the form below or call us for more information on 0844 800 0071.


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