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Event Safety and Crowd Management

Organising and hosting an event places responsibility firmly at the door of event organisers. But keeping people safe can be problematic, especially when there are so many factors outside of your control.

Event Safety – What you MUST consider

There are many issues that you must be aware of when planning your event. No matter how many guests or attendees you are expecting, you need to be confident you have all event safety and crowd management measures in place.

But what do you need to consider? Here are just two examples;


Today, event organisers are acutely aware of the dangers of terrorism. In recent times, we have seen terrorist incidents in crowded places, such bombs or vehicles being driven deliberately and at speed into crowds and bystanders.

People can be left with life-changing injuries and there have been fatalities in such instances too. We are learning how to deal better with the aftermath of such sad and terrible incidents but event organisers are also taking steps to prevent, as far as possible, incidences of this kind from happening.


People’s behaviour can change rapidly in certain situations. Panic can easily set in, for example, and with some people arriving at your event possibly with the intention of causing trouble, you have to take steps to manage crowds.

This covers your entire event from how people make their way to it, how they gain access, how long people queue for, to the arrangements inside your venue and, just as important, how quickly they can leave when the event is over.

Your ‘Event Safety & Control Management ‘

Terrorist attacks and behaviour are just two examples of factors that as an event organiser, you need to consider.

Effective event safety and crowd management are critical to the success of your event, to the safety of event attendees and for the local community too.

In our comprehensive guide, we examine six broad categories from the basics of crowd management to how to create a detailed, effective plan for your event.

We look at;

1. Managing crowds safely
2. The importance of setting clear roles and responsibilities
3. Liaising with others to ensure safe crowd management
4. How to plan for incidents and emergencies
5. Crowd management risk assessments
6. Putting effective crowd controls in place