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Hints And Tips For New Event Security Staff

Hints and Tips for New Event Security Staff

Hints and Tips for New Event Security Staff

For our clients, providing the right event security staff is paramount to their event running smoothly. With thousands of SIA licensed security staff based throughout the UK, we know just how important it is that match the experience and abilities of security staff for events. For new security guards and security personnel, there are several hints and tips that will help you develop in your role.

ALWAYS show professionalism

Undoubtedly, we work with some great clients who are friendly, personable and love what we do. What that doesn’t mean is that it is an excuse for allowing lapses in service and professionalism. Remember, you are there to provide an important service and one that comes with a lot of responsibility.

BUILD professional relationships

This last point leads straight into the second point that many new security staff forget or aren’t aware of. You are a professional providing a professional, bespoke service. The relationships we want you to create should always be based on this professional footing. What can happen is that when there is a complaint about the service you provide, it’s easy to take it as a personal insult – which it isn’t! In other words, the client is not your friend.

STAY in shape

Thankfully, the majority of events you’ll work as a security guard will require a lot more in the way of talking to people than wrestling them to the ground! That said, there will be times when you’ll need to physically interact with people. Staying in shape means you’ll find the physical side of the job less tiring and you’re less likely to be hurt too.

CONSIDER self-defence

Simple responses in a physical altercation have the biggest of impacts which is why learning self-defence moves are beneficial to event security staff.

BE PREPARED to continuously learn

Event security staff who started their careers ten to 15 years ago probably never thought they would feel safer doing their jobs in stab vests but the sad fact is that society has changed so much that the possibility of people carrying bladed or other offensive weapons is the reality of today. As a security guard, you need to be prepared to constantly learn and change your response and service to match current, identified threats.

NEVER make assumptions

From media reports to our own opinions and assumptions, we can cast doubt on people based on their looks, what they are wearing, the event they are attending and other factors. Being judgemental is part of human nature – we all do it, no matter how much people say they don’t! – but when it becomes dangerous is when we act on them, especially in a way that negatively affects someone else. For example, denying someone entry because they ‘look suspicious’ is not grounds enough to refuse entry but if they refuse to have their bag searched, a condition of entry, then this is suspicious behaviour.

A professional service provided by professional people

And finally, you need to remember what once you have your uniform on, you are acting as a professional and one that many people will approach. Always act professionally and with an open mind.


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