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CWill Big Events Return In 2021

Will big events return in 2021?

Will big events return in 2021?

The whole world has been impacted by Covid-19, last year in 2020 there was almost zero events on around the world, everybody was stuck inside for most of the year due to lockdown and quarantining. We have some good news however…

We are hopeful that it is coming to an end! Envisage Security has been keeping a very close eye on the analytics and vaccine role out. Over half of the UK adults have received their first vaccine dose and we are on track to once and for all beating the virus. We have provided security staff over the past month for traffic and car park stewarding in London, the NEC and Derbyshire which have all been successful and the most important thing SAFE.

What events are due to re-open in 2021?

Retail stores, zoos, and outdoor pubs: Retail stores, garden pubs and outdoor activities are back on Monday 12th April! The first lockdown restriction is lifted meaning the public in the UK can go to a Pub garden, go to do some shopping in retail stores and many more activities, there will be a high number of the public all trying to go to pubs and retail, we provide SIA and stewards to prevent queue overflow and prevent door entry when the facility is full.

Concerts and Festivals: Everyone in the UK is looking forward to the festival season to start again with some of the first festivals starting in July. With hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance, festivals can be challenging and hard to manage as crushing between people or against fixed structures, trampling, surging and aggressive behaviour can all pose very real threats which need to be prevented.

Corporate events and exhibitions: Many exhibitions and venues are opening in May/June such as: the London ExCel, NEC, Olympia, and Manchester Central Convention Complex. This is great for the Events Industry! We can provide security guards that will guide attendees and staff to where they need to be and keep out uninvited guests.

Sporting Events: Football, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and so much more sports are coming back with crowd participants! The first event with 8,000 fans will be on 25th April for the EFL Cup Final. Most sporting events later in the year will be backed with fans. We provide car park stewards and event stewards to help prevent disruptive behaviour and congestion in the stadiums and car parks.

Weddings: As Weddings have been delayed for over a year, hundreds even thousands of couples are itching to have their big day which may cause the family and friends to party a little too much!  Hiring our security at a wedding will keep an eye on children and prevent and remove uninvited or disruptive guests.

How do I hire Envisage Security?

It is simple! Call us on 0844 800 0071 for a fast and free quote, alternatively email us with your queries below! Envisage Security Staff provide licensed security staff anywhere in the UK. We provide security personnel to both private clients and businesses in all types of industries. Whatever you need we can help.


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