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Hiring Security Staff To Work At Events

Hiring security staff at sports events

Hiring security staff at sports events

Whether its hiring security staff at large stadium events or security staff for more low key community sporting events, its one of the key decisions to get right.

Both sporting events (large stadium with huge crowds or a localised sporting event) come with there own challenges which is why it’s best to seek the expert advice from an experienced security agency like Envisage Security Staff.

There is a lot to think about – Protection for the athletes taking part in the sporting event, the spectators, VIP’s, sponsors and the officials.

Everyone wants to have a great time and 99% of spectators can enjoy the event while subconsciously being comforted by the presence of security staff. It’s the 1% minority that the security guards can look out for and refuse them entry or eject them from the event if required.

Its important that you talk to the security agency so that they understand the sporting event and how you want the event to run. This will include things like – How many people are attending?

What’s the profile of the crowd (family event or males aged 18 to 25 for example)? Is it a ticket only event? Where are the entry and exit points? Do spectators need to be searched on entry? How many security staff do you think you might need?

It’s all about being ready for anything and planning for it – Delegate responsibility

No doubt it’s a big undertaking and responsibility to put on a sporting event. As an organiser you will wear many different hats and be pulled from one situation to another not only in the organising but also during the event itself. Our advice, hire the services of experts. If you know that the security will be arranged by and managed by a security company then that free’s you up to focus on other things that will directly need your expertise.

You cant gut corners with security, you have to get it right so it’s certainly one of the tasks you should delegate and outsource.

Shop around and work with a security company that feel’s right

There are a lot of security companies available to choose from. All of them will have at least some experience with events and most will quote to you many industry terms and talk legislation and industry standards which is great, and very important.

But look beyond that. Are they communicating well with you? Are they addressing any concerns you may have? Have they taken the time to understand you, your event and what you want to achieve? If you feel you are talking to a security company that listens, understands and you like them then the chances are they are the right fit for you.

To learn more about hiring security staff at a sporting event call Envisage Security Staff on 0844 800 0071.


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