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Top Tips To Make An Event Successful

Top Tips to make an event successful

Top Tips to make an event successful

Setting up an outdoor event requires a lot of planning and preparation. We take you through the main tasks that need attention to make sure that your event is successful.


Set a clear budget and keep to it. When finalising your budget make sure that you have made allowances for all essential costs including hiring security staff, event staff, location costs and infrastructure such as clearing away rubbish afterwards, stall installation, lighting, power and equipment. Check your budget figures regularly throughout the preparation and actual event to ensure that you are not overrunning the budget in any way.


Ensure you have plenty of time to plan and organise. Make sure you have clear objectives as this will ensure that you get the results you want. Is the aim to gain publicity? Increase sales? Extend your customer base? Promote a new product or service?

Begin by developing a timeline showing exactly what needs to be done, when and who is responsible. Make sure that it is checked periodically to ensure that the timeline is being met, and that no unforeseen hitches have occurred. The timeline should include sections dealing with finding a venue, creating a budget, hiring additional staff and security.


Outside events will need extra staff, particularly security. Identify how many security staff you will need to cover the site, all entrances and exits and provide security for all participants. This can include overnight security requirements, especially if an event involves the installation of tents and equipment. Booking staff early in the process is recommended. We can help you identify how many staff you will need, and ensure that sufficient local people are hired, using our database containing details of thousands of experienced security staff.


Ensure that you have obtained any extra permits that are required. It may be necessary to obtain permits for car parking, highways authorisation if you need to put up signs. Check that any anticipated noise especially if you are having music playing meets specified limitations – the last thing you want to do is gain unwelcome publicity for excessive noise. Apply for any permits as early as possible in the project – it always takes longer than expected.


Plan out any facilities you will need such as toilets, tents, bringing in cabling, generators, stages and equipment.

The Weather

British weather is notoriously unpredictable. Showers, rainstorms, high winds or hot sunshine can cause problems including unexpectedly muddy car parks or pathways. Ensure appropriate shade or shelter is available. Nighttime events may need extra lighting, especially to ensure security and safety around car parks and pathways.

Leave the site as you found it

Make sure the venue is left totally clean and tidy. Have arrangements in place for removing equipment and other infrastructure as well as clearing rubbish from the site.


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