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The End Of Lockdown Is Soon, And It Has Never Been More Important To Plan Your Security!

The end of lockdown is soon, and it has never been more important to plan your security!

The end of lockdown is soon, and it has never been more important to plan your security!

There is light at the end of the tunnel, after a third national lockdown, the government have now laid out a road map to removing restrictions that are currently in place. Although the third lock down has had an impact on all of us at the beginning of this year, we at Envisage are looking forwards to being as busy as ever sooner rather than later. We are this hopeful as the R number has been reduced and there are currently two COVID-19 vaccinations currently being distributed across the country.

Though we still must be realistic, the government still advises that people wear face masks, social distancing is followed, and we allow time for the immunisation programme to carry out it is vaccinations where a safe number of people have received one.

More than 20 million people have received their first dose of the vaccines (at the time of writing) with the government aiming to have offered all nine priority groups a vaccine by April 15th, 2021. This will be in time for the festival season, outside entertainment and live events opening according to the road map!

Here at Envisage, we are predicting events to be very busy when the country opens, and it is your responsibly as a venue to ensure people are still safe, whether it be a small venue, such as restaurants and pubs or larger event and festivals. We can assist with all your security needs and implement all our learning and understanding following the coronavirus pandemic.

Festival Security Detail

With this year expecting to be as big as ever with live events being given the green light, it is even more important that you are hiring a professional and experienced security team as risk factors will be cranked up, with hundreds and even thousands of people eagerly attending events for perhaps the first time in over a year.

You will need to consider crowd control and management as there can be many risks such as crushing between people and structures, trampling, surging and aggressive behaviour. You may need que management and bag check’s, stopping people who are not allowed in and prohibited items.

Corporate Event and Conference Security

You will still need a security team during a large corporate event or conference as part of your risk assessment and planning. It not only acts as a deterrent for any rare incidents, it also makes your guests feel safe and allows them to enjoy their experience.

A lot of businesses and corporations invest lots of money into stands and exhibitions, which they would not like to see damaged or valuables stolen. An experienced team with a discreet or visible presence can prevent this from occurring.

Occasional Party Security

Whatever the occasion, if it is a special birthday party, hen or stag do or even staff party. We understand that sometimes things can get out of hand, especially when there is alcohol involved (and even sometimes families).

When hiring our party security staff, they can ensure that guests are kept safe by spotting and stopping incidents before they occur. The Envisage security team do this by relying on their experience and using their expert communicational skills to diffuse the situation.


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