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Inspire To Improve Your Customer Service

Inspire to Improve Your Customer Service

Inspire to Improve Your Customer Service

Exceptional customer service should be the aim of every modern business. Get it wrong, and you will soon see how powerful the customer’s word is. All it takes is a tweet from a dissatisfied customer and the whole world is aware of your shortcomings.

When it comes to event security – and security of any kind – customer service is an important part of keeping the customer happy. How do you avoid the embarrassing tweets or shares online with your brand @mentioned in less than complimentary tones?

#1 Responding quickly is key

When a customer contacts you, how quickly do you get back to them? A great source of irritation that when they want to order or buy something, their call or email is answered immediately but in any other circumstance, they call, email or @brand mention online is ignored… for hours.

It takes some companies 12 hours or more to respond to a customer. What’s your response time?

#2 Personalise responses

Every customer assumes that they are just another number to a brand but as a business, you have an opportunity to blow this assumption out the water. Exceptional customer service is when you respond above the expectation of your customer.

A customer service process that allows you to log calls, emails etc. so everyone who deals with the customer has the details in front of them is key to exceptional customer service for every customer.

#3 Fix it when things go wrong

No one is perfect. Things go wrong. The wrong thing gets sent, something arrives damaged, orders are lost… you name it, there are all kinds of things can go wrong. What is important in such a circumstance is how you respond and how quickly.

Attempting to brush your mistake under the carpet won’t earn you any brownie points – in fact, it could make things worse. Holding your hands up and saying “we messed up” is the first step, the second is to put it right.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until something is broken to offer an exceptional customer service experience.

#4 Doing more

There are hundreds of examples of brands doing that little bit extra for their customers.

From responding to humorous letters from a three-year-old (see above link about exceptional customer service) to thanking people with a note for using your service, as soon as a customer experiences service that is beyond their expectation, you win a die-hard fan.

Imagine if you did this for each and every customer. Imagine the base of loyal fans and customers you would have then!

#5 Customer service is a marathon, not a sprint

The important thing about customer service is regardless of whether you run a café or a corner shop, an event security company or hairdresser, exceptional customer experiences should run through every part of your business. It should be an inherent part of your brand, its person and how you connect with and reach out to customers.

It isn’t something that should be done when things go wrong or customers complain. Exceptional customer service is about exceptional customer experience from the very first moment they interact with you.


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