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Choosing The Best Event Security

Choosing the Best Event Security

Choosing the Best Event Security

Visitors and participants want to feel safe and secure when they go to an event. If that feeling of security is breached, then it is bad news for the event organisers. Not only does it result in bad publicity, it creates long term problems for everyone concerned.

Making sure events go off without a hitch is crucial. Every aspect of an event must be spot on perfect – so pre-planning to avoid problems is essential.

Choosing a good security company is essential. Just picking a name at random can be fraught with potential difficulties. What experience do they have? How do you know whether their staff are trained to deal with the type of event you are holding? Do they have the correct security licenses? Are their staff reliable and trustworthy?

So how can you guarantee you get the best security for your event? Begin by asking yourself all the right questions:

What type of security is required?

Think about what you need. There are lots of different types of security such as dog patrols, static security guards, drug detection schemes, CCTV specialists, mobile plain clothes staff meandering around on watch and much more. You also have to think about the other people who play an important role in maintaining overall security such as car park attendants, stewards, door supervisors, crowd control experts.
Talking to us is a good place to start – we can look at your event and advise on the best security solutions.

Where is the event?
What’s the venue? Is it a large or small event? Outdoor or indoor? From high profile music festivals to indoor exhibitions, private parties or conference venues – understanding the nature of the event is essential to ascertain the potential security risks, and type of security required.

How many people are coming?
Getting the right balance of guests to security staff is important – too many security people can look over the top, but too few runs the risk of problems not being spotted early enough.

Which security companies are recommended?
Check out recommendations for security companies. Providing event security should not be an off the shelf package, every event should be looked at individually by the event security company and given a bespoke solution. Avoid companies that do not ask key questions like who, what, where and when.

What security do you really need?
Good security is essential for the smooth running of any event. Talking to an event security company like us means that you can identify exactly what you need. Is it crowd control? A patrolling security team? Do VIP’s need close protection? Should there be a combination of services including plain clothes security mingling among the audience?

Is the company SIA licensed?
Always use an SIA licensed company. Never use someone who does not possess this licence. The SIA (Security Industry Authority) regulates the UK private security industry. It provides full training and anyone who holds an SIA license is able to deal with every type of incident.

All of our security personnel are fully checked, verified and possess full SIA licences before they are taken onto our database. We only employ the best security staff and can guarantee their work.

As a result, we can guarantee that our security teams will make sure your event is fully secure and safe in every way.


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