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5 Tips For Efficient Event Security

5 tips for Efficient Event Security

5 tips for Efficient Event Security

Planning an event? Put security top of your list. Unfortunately we live in a troubled world, in which security risks are inevitable. Whatever the size of your event, from large music festival to country show, private parties to VIP conferences, security has to be spot on in every way. But how can you ensure good security?

1. Choose your venue carefully

Take a look at your venue’s security strategies. A good venue will already have emergency security planning in place due to the threats that every venue now faces. Ask about any improvements that the venue have made recently such as improved signage, emergency access, venue security teams and emergency exits.

If your event is outdoors, then make sure you plan for perimeter security provision.

2. Assess security requirements

The exact level of security threat does depend greatly on the type of event involved. If your event is a high profile one involving celebrities, top musicians, politicians or military personnel, then the risk is going to be higher than a private party.

Look for any weak areas in your security provision. Bear in mind that extra measures can be put in place, alongside creating contingency plans to deal with anything that might arise.

Think about what might happen – how will uninvited guests be dealt with? What happens if there is a fault with technology or facilities such as power cuts?

3. Brief your team carefully

Good communication channels are crucial. Don’t rely on powered communications – they can break down. Make sure every person on the team knows exactly what they are supposed to do, and what happens if there is a security breach. How do you deal with mass evacuation? Who liaises with the emergency services?

Security staff must be able to act quickly, effectively and take the initiative if necessary.

4. Screen guests and staff

Everyone needs to screened on entering the venue. Just because they are high profile or a member of the security team doesn’t mean to say that they should be exempt. Nowadays, everyone expects to be fully screened on arrival.

Security teams need to be in place to check bags and tickets. They also have to insist on the golden rules:

• If your name is not on the list then you don’t come in.
• If you do not agree to being screened, then you don’t come in.

Every member of staff must have clear identification passes or badges displayed at all times.

5. Hire a professional event security company

Using professional security gives you and your guest’s confidence that the event will go ahead without any security issues. Talk to your event security company as early as possible when setting up an event. They can provide all the assistance you need including detailed security assessments, advice and recommendations, licensed event security staff. Fully insured and trained, an event security company will ensure that all arrangements are tailored to suit your event’s requirements.

Envisage Security has been providing event security for many years, dealing with all the top venues. We deal with corporate and private customers, providing bespoke event security solutions – talk to us now and see how we can help you.


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