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What To Do In A Terrorist Attack

What To Do In A Terrorist Attack

What To Do In A Terrorist Attack

The current threat level in the UK remains at severe and that means another terrorist attack is highly likely.

We can’t live our lives hiding away or avoiding going places, seeing friends or enjoying public events and festivals. As sad as it may be, we all need to know what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

Security chiefs have issued advice on what to do when a terrorist attack happens. It covers everything from how to act to the preventative steps we can all take to stay safe.


Some recent terrorist attacks can be described as ‘fast-paced’ incidents, from shootings and stabbings to the use of vehicles to run people down.

How we react in a situation such as this depend on our ‘fight or flight’ syndrome. Security experts suggest that running is a far safer option than trying to negotiate or to surrender.

Leave your belongings behind – they can be replaced – and run for cover.


If there is nowhere to run or you feel you can’t outrun what is happening, the next best option say security experts is to hide.

Find something substantial, like a brick wall or a building. Although hiding from view doesn’t make you immediately safe, it offers you more protection than being out in the open.

Put your phone on silent and keep quiet. Don’t emerge immediately when you think the attack has stopped.


Information is key to security services in the midst of a terrorist attack. Call 999, give them your location and what you saw – how many suspects? What weapons did they have? In what direction were they heading?

Our brain protects us when traumatic events happen but try to override this rush of adrenalin to take in as much information and detail as you can. The sense will become sharpened so what did you hear, smell and see? Some of this information may not make sense to you but says a lot to security services.

It is unlikely you will be caught in a terrorist attack but if you are, the situation is so different from anything you have experienced before, it is easy to panic. As hard as it is, try to remain as calm as possible and remember: run, hide, tell.

For Businesses – Terror Attacks!

As a business, you have a part to play when terrorism strikes.

#1 Have a lockdown procedure

For many city businesses, a lockdown procedure could be the process that saves many people and keeps them safe from whatever is happening outside. Just like you practice fire drills, practice what you should do when you terrorist attack strikes close to your business – the team at Envisage Security Staff can help.

#2 First aid

There are heart-warming stories that emerge after attacks of people pulling together to help each other. Most businesses have first aid trained staff as standard on their team and maintaining a well-stocked first aid kit is also part and parcel of running a business.

No one should place themselves in danger but when you can help people who are injured, make sure you have the trained people and tools to do what you can until medical help arrives.

#3 Decision making

What can cause a response to fall apart is when people are unsure who has the authority to make decisions.

A terrorist attack is no ordinary event and you will find that some people are more able to make decisions under this kind of extreme pressure than others.

However, there needs to be a clear line of communication so that staff are aware of who makes what decisions under extreme circumstances as this.

#4 Plan & train

No one likes to think that a terrorist attack could happen but recent events in the UK prove otherwise.

It is now necessary for many city-based businesses and those who are considered targets to plan their response when an attack happens, and to train their staff.

At Envisage Security Staff, we provide security guards, staff and personnel for businesses, festivals, private parties and events of all kinds. With many years’ experience of effective security solutions, we can offer advice and security planning for businesses across the UK.


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