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Security Staff For Your Shops

Security Staff for your Supermarkets & Shops

Hire Security Staff for your Supermarkets & Shops

As we all know the UK has currently gone crazy for toilet roll, hand sanitizer and even pasta! Supermarkets are in need for extra help in order to help with the extreme volumes of customers flooding into shops around the country. Here at Envisage Security HQ we can supply you with fully licensed SIA security and marshals at a fantastic price.

What is the need for extra  Security staff?

Stocks are currently flying off the shelf, people are queuing outside stores in order to gain access to products and surely there is more of a need than ever for security staff in supermarkets. Our staff are experienced in working with big crowds and in some cases very much a tense environment. In situations like these you need security members with a cool head and can react to any situation that may unfold in front of them. Luckily our staff can be in control, bring calmness and a level head to help your store. It is so much more than simply telling people what to do, it is crucial that staff are experienced in the sector and can keep in control to ensure that your store is in good hands!

Why use Envisage Security Staff?

Nobody has been fully prepared for what has happened. I mean how can have you of been? But here at Envisage Security we are no stranger to working with major events. We regularly work alongside Prostate Cancer UK and provide marshals and security for their March For Men event which is ongoing throughout a month every year. Furthermore, for the last couple of years we have worked with Luna Cinema – an outdoor cinema event providing around 500 staff across many different locations.

Envisage Security only supply the best security, we want to make sure your event goes directly to plan, and we know our staff can help ensure that. Get in touch today for a quote!


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