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Reduce Loss And Theft Over Christmas

Reduce loss and theft over Christmas

Reduce loss and theft over Christmas

With lots more shoppers out and about at Christmas, theft can become a problem.

Lack of deterrents

Unfortunately, the risk of being caught and prosecuted is low. All too frequently, shoplifters are simply given a caution since the £200 threshold exceeds the cost of many products being stolen.

Losing valuable stock as a result of theft can put a shop owner’s bottom line dangerously at risk. Taking action is essential. There are simple measures that can make a different.

Train your staff

Make sure your staff know how to tell when someone is stealing. There are signs that can be spotted, and enable you to reduce the scale of the problem. Check out what customers are wearing and compare it to the weather outside. Look too at the way people are acting in store. Are they looking around and eying up the most desirable items? Are they checking out the location of CCTV cameras? Are they spending longer than anticipated in changing rooms? Do you find things missing when they have been visiting the store regularly?

Check out your store layout

Your store is laid out to encourage sales, but there may be hidden corners or areas where sightlines are obscured. Thieves will take advantage of those areas. Look out for blind corners, and avoid putting desirable products too close to the door since this can encourage ‘grab and run’.


Encourage shop staff to roam around the store, and mingle with customers rather than just standing behind a counter. This makes it harder for shoplifters as they might suddenly find a member of staff close by.

Review your own practices, and vary it for example reducing the amount of cash left on the premises, or taking cash to the bank on different days and times.

Use visible security measures

CCTV is always a deterrent. No one likes being caught on screen. Images can make a difference if a shoplifter is brought to court at some point. Make it clear that the premises are protected by CCTV.

Put security tags on products. Having to take a tag off makes it harder for a shoplifter, and it can damage a product rendering it useless.

Hire security staff – you can get both visible and covert security staff. The presence of security staff at the shop door indicates that you are taking action, and there is a less chance of getting away with theft. Plain clothes store detectives can play a key role in security especially at busy times – why not join forces with neighbouring stores to provide cover across several units?

Town centre networks

Talk to other retailers. They may have noticed suspicious behaviour and can alert outlets nearby.


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