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Race Marshals

Race Marshals

Race Marshals

A Spartan race is certainly challenging – the combination of racing through the countryside, climbing obstacles, passing through rivers and other obstacles en route makes it a real test of endurance. It is also very popular attracting not just large numbers of participants but large crowds keen to watch every part of the race.

Asked to provide marshals for Spartan races across the UK, we rose to the occasion. Our task was to provide up to 40 marshals at each of the 13 races held at different locations throughout the UK. We knew that the marshals needed to be versatile, able to think on their feet, and to cope with anything that might arise particularly since some the locations were somewhat remote out in the countryside! Scattered across the entire length of the race, the marshals faced a variety of tasks including distributing refreshments, indicating the way, keeping log fires fuelled and providing emergency support if problems arose.

Transport was an additional problem. We had to arrange this extremely carefully. Many of the places where the marshals were being located, were in rural locations. A lot of logistical planning was needed to make sure we could deliver the marshals to the right places, at the right time, as well as dealing with Covid regulations requiring all staff to take a Covid test 24 hours before working, and replacing any that tested positive.

Stand by Staff

Having standby staff fully briefed and ready to take over at a moment’s notice was essential. This meant that extra staff were needed on site, and ready to moved to an appropriate location along the route almost instantly.

It was complex, exciting and completed successfully. Every task at every point along the route was undertaken cheerfully and without a hitch. Participants and audiences enjoyed themselves, as did our marshals!

From beginning to end, our marshals performed brilliantly. So pleased were the clients with the outcome of the first race, that they immediately booked Envisage to provide marshals at every race in future. We became the sole supplier of marshals to UK Spartan Events.

Thinking about hiring our marshals for your events?

Drop us an email, phone us or fill in the form below. We will respond immediately and discuss how we can help you make your event a success. Whatever the event, we can provide the staff you need. Since 2010, our marshals and stewards have been active at events of all kinds, including cycle races, outdoor cinema, outdoor theatre, festivals, Light events and Mud Running like Spartan.


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