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Marshals And Stewards For Outdoor Events – What You Need To Know!

Marshals and Stewards for Outdoor Events – What You Need to Know!

Marshals and Stewards for Outdoor Events – What You Need to Know!

Every year across the UK, there are hundreds of outdoor events held. From weekend-long music festivals to artisan food festivals, to ‘parties in the park’ to sporting events, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

From an event security point of view, marshals and stewards are essential for outdoor events. Here’s why…

#1 Keeping the public safe

Most events are well-attended but there are some in which the numbers attending cannot be estimated with accuracy. Take the Chinese New Year celebrations at the end of January, for example. Cities with a large Chinese population will often hold week-long events, many of which are held outside in the city centre. Stewards can make sure people get to where they need to be but do so by encouraging ‘safe’ behaviour.

Marshals and stewards can also be first aiders are outdoor events, something that many event organisers actively seek.

#2 Information

Marshals and stewards frequently act as points of information for people attending an outdoor event. This can range from pointing people in the right direction of the exit to making sure people find the main stage at a music festival.

Not all outdoor events are held in one location. For example, the Isle of Wight Walking Festival takes places over several weeks with several different starting and endpoints. People need key points of information and stewards can be the people that event attendees turn to.

#3 If things go wrong…

As an event organiser, you won’t want to imagine the worse happening and for something to go wrong. But you have to.

A contingency plan is important for worst-case scenarios. It could be something small, such as someone fainting in the heat to something else that is largely unforeseen – e.g. your main act not turning up and you have to manage a frustrated and irritated crowd.

Marshals and stewards need to be experienced, trained and briefed what to do when a situation outside of the norm arises. First aiders, following and guiding people during evacuation procedures as well as show-stop procedures are all important.

From CrimeFest to Pirate Festivals to the Royal Highland Show, as event organiser, you do need to think about what should happen when the unforeseen does…

#4 Good event management

Where there are masses of people descending on one particular spot, there needs to be effective and efficient event management. This includes managing crowds, something that marshals and stewards at sporting fixtures, such as at the RBS Six Nations know all about.

There is an expectation from those attending the event that it will be managed and they will often actively seek out people such as stewards. They want to be confident that they and their families are safe, no matter what the event is. From sporting fixtures to other outdoor events such as the Dark Skies Festival at the tail end of the winter months, experienced marshals and stewards are important in good event management.

Experienced, skilled and briefed – why marshals and stewards matter

For any event, marshals and stewards can form an important part of your event management team. Keeping everyone safe at your outdoor event this year is a phone call away – call our security experts on 0844 800 0071.


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