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How To Improve Corporate Security

How to Improve Corporate Security

How to Improve Corporate Security

According to UK Government findings, crime costs UK businesses in the region of £9 billion a year. But reducing the financial burden of crime against your business is relatively simple when you consider improving the five key areas of corporate security.

#1 Protect your staff

Your greatest assets are your staff. They are the people with skills and abilities to drive your business forward and so looking after their physical health and emotional well-being is top of the agenda for many forward-thinking businesses like yours.

Violent and threatening behaviour towards staff shouldn’t be tolerated but the HSE reports that 7% of workplace injuries last year were as a result of ‘violent altercations’.

Update your security with ID for all staff and extra layers of security such as pin code access points. Review your lone working policy and procedures too.

#2 Review risks

Like other aspects of your business, security risks will change. Being responsive to these changes is essential in protecting your business from physical and cyber-attacks too.

However, assessing the physical security of your business is an important part of reviewing your business activities. The changing of the seasons, for example, product security risks as do changes in shift patterns and so on.

Regular review physical security of your business so that you can plug the gaps with hired SIA licensed security guards, if needed.

#3 Improve CCTV equipment and surveillance

When was the last time you updated your CCTV systems, including the cameras? If you haven’t done so in the past few years, the likelihood is you are still dealing with grainy, black and white footage that should the worst happen, is next to useless in identifying the culprits.

Modern CCTV cameras and systems are effective, streamlined and affordable. In fact, just like smart homes, you can now invest in gadgets and technological gizmos such as sensors and high-quality CCTV cameras at a fraction of the cost.

#4 Update training

From first aid trained personnel to practising evacuation procedures, making sure that everyone knows what to when the worst happens to making sure you have people with the right skills is an essential part of protecting your business.

As well as accidents and fire, it is imperative that you consider terrorist attacks too, including physical attacks and cyber-hacks. We often think that these kinds of attacks affect everyone else but events from recent years mean that every business needs to be prepared.

#5 Cyberattacks

Again, as a business, you may think that hackers attack other business but the truth is, they will try and hack anyone. Cybercrime is on the rise with nearly half of UK businesses suffering some kind of cyber-attack during 2017.

Ensuring that firewalls are constantly up and deflecting threats and that anti-virus software is up to date, you also need to be confident that staff are trained to detect threats such as not opening spam emails ensuring backups are completed on a daily basis.

Security colours every aspect of your business. By being on top of your game, you are protecting something incredibly valuable – your business reputation.


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