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Breaking The Security Link

Breaking the Security Link: Why Budget Security Services Fail

Breaking the Security Link: Why Budget Security Services Fail

Security is paramount and the maintaining of the right level of security at the time is critical. Without it, clients are vulnerable to the risks and hazards that a security company is hired to protect them from.

Around the security services will be a scaffold of support services within the agency itself. In other words, when ‘something happens’, the agency is agile, responding in a timely manner without a break in the security link.

There are many security companies out there, all promising the best services. What the glossy brochure may not spell out is what scaffold they have in place to cover all eventualities.

Two Scenarios

The security guard is unwell

Looking after our staff is one of our priorities because we know we are only as good as the SIA licensed security staff we work with.

It may be that a member of our team has reported for duty but has flagged up they are not feeling great. We stay in touch with them throughout their shift. If they need to leave, we send another qualified SIA licensed security guard to take over, never allowing the link on the security chain to break or weaken.

This happens automatically, behind-the-scenes and without most clients knowing, and certainly with minimal disruption to your security needs and cover.

However, ‘budget’ security services may not have this same level of backup and agile response. With one eye on profit, they cut working hours to the core, only producing cover after some time has elapsed.

We also have to think of the risks of the industry we are in. How quickly would a budget service know there was something wrong with one of their staff at a location? With us, we are talking minutes to being able to support our staff, ill or otherwise.
The site is broken into

With a suspected break-in, the course of action for an Envisage Security Staff member is clearly laid out;

• Ops team is informed with extra security staff dispatched to the site
• The extended team will remain at the site until the police arrive
• With statement and information gathered, if the site is deemed vulnerable by our team, we’ll step up our response and cover until the site can be secured

The thing to remember is this – police response time to a site break-in is determined by the number of calls they receive which are deemed a ‘danger to life’. Responding to property break-ins will also be lower down the list of police prioritise.

A budget security firm with one member of staff on duty will simply call the police with the property or site will remain vulnerable as no further action such as stepping up security cover, is likely to be taken.

Quality and Affordable Security Services

You may think you have peace of mind when you hire a budget security firm but is it real? Will they respond? Are they agile? Do they have robustly tested procedures in place?

At Envisage Security Staff, we do – why not call us about our quality and affordable security services?


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