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Improving Security At Your Home Or Business Premises

Improving Security at Your Home or Business Premises

Improving Security at Your Home or Business Premises

A range of security measures are important for both home and commercial premises. They give you peace of mind that you have done all you can to make it harder for an opportunistic thief to gain access to your property.

There are many ways of improving security. We take a quick look at how small changes can make a big difference to the security of a property.

The Landscape

The outside of your property sends an important message to a would-be burglar. Overgrown vegetation, for example, insecure fencing, open windows, and a generally unkempt appearance can all give the impression that security is an after-thought.

Cut back hedges, mend fences and walls and keep your vision clear so that you can see every aspect of your garden or outdoor space.

Upgrade outdoor security by;

  • Making sure sheds and garages are kept locked, with a sturdy lock visible.
  • Inside sheds and other outbuildings, chain expensive gardening equipment to the wall etc.  So that if a thief does gain entry, they have another hurdle to taking equipment.
  • Security lighting can, if used correctly, also form a deterrent to burglars.
  • Consider CCTV if you have ‘blank’ spaces where you cannot see – again this is a visible deterrent that works.

The Property

Improving security needn’t be costly because sometimes, a change in our outlook and routine is all that is needed.

  • Open windows and doors – sadly, no matter where you live, the days of leaving your doors unlocked or your windows open when you are not at home are gone.  This will give the impression your home or business premises is secure is essential.  As well as quality windows and doors, locks on all external doors and windows make for an effective security tool.
  • Even when you are home… – consider whether leaving an external door or a window wide open is the right thing to do. I f you can’t see who is coming in or out your property, consider shutting the door or installing sensors to alert you when someone is there.
  • Consider access points – distraction burglaries happen when criminals work in pairs or a group but they don’t always walk in through the front door. As difficult as it may be, think like a burglar when you look at your property. How else could someone gain access? What about climbing on the flat roof using the ladders you have conveniently left out and climbing through the open window?
  • Out of sight – in the garden shed, for example, you can have hundreds of pounds worth of gardening equipment.  Make sure this stuff isn’t on show can help deter the opportunist thief.
  • Visible deterrents – as well as sensors and CCTV, consider alarming your home or business premises. Doing this will help keep your insurance premiums low but also cast doubt in the mind of a burglar as to how likely they are to be caught trying to burgle a property.
  • Security patrols – for businesses, security patrols are a commonly used tool.  But for homeowners, a visible security patrol to check on your empty property whilst you are away is also peace of mind.

Be aware, be vigilant

More importantly, be aware and vigilant of how your actions may make certain parts of your property more vulnerable.  Small changes will make a big difference to the security of your property.


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