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Choosing The Perfect Event Venue

Choosing the Perfect Event Venue

Choosing the Perfect Event Venue

At Envisage Security Staff, we work with a number of commercial clients and event organisers to create safe and secure events.

Venue plays an important part in event security, as well as its success. So what do you need to consider when choosing an event venue?


If you have people travelling to your event, location is paramount especially in terms of travel and transport links. An out of town venue may be idyllic but if people can’t reach it easily, your event may not be as busy as you would like.


Most people still do travel by car to a venue and even though we should all be considering kinder environmental ways of travelling to an event, like car sharing, if parking is difficult, most people find it a no go.


How big or small is the venue? Is it big enough to cope but small enough to give the intimate, personal feel that so many event organisers want? You may also find that to make events pay, many venues will have minimum numbers when it comes to food and that means you need to square this with your budget.


You need to decide what facilities you need at an event venue. You’ll find that not all venues offer the same thing for the price per head they charge.

For example, is the cost for hiring the room only? What about tables, chairs, electronic equipment, linen, setting up and cleaning crew etc.?


How does the physical layout of the venue add or detract from your event? For some events, wide open spaces are essential whereas, for others, breakout spaces and separate rooms may be needed.

In terms of security, it is important that layout is considered. The team at Envisage Security Staff can help with your security planning and how the event venue presents challenges and opportunities.


Does it feel right? Does the décor send the right message or does it look tired and jaded? If you notice it, your event attendees will notice it too. In other words, what impression do you get from the event venue? Does it support the brand voice?


Most event venues will have made access changes as per the Disability Act but it is worth checking this out, make sure that the venue is accessible for everyone.


And finally, can your budget stretch to the cost of the venue? In most cases, an event is booked before tickets go on sale and so you need to be confident that you can fill your event to not just cover costs, but make a profit too, if that is your aim.


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