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5 Ways For Staying Safe On A Night Out

5 Ways for Staying Safe on a Night Out

5 Ways for Staying Safe on a Night Out

Nightclubs might not be open yet and although the coronavirus is concerning, it isn’t the only risk when enjoying a night out with friends. How can you enjoy your next night out safely?

Whether it’s a night down the pub with friends or an evening dancing the night away, kicking back and enjoying a night on the town is a great way to shake off the cobwebs. Since lockdown was ended, many people have slowly started to return to their favourite pub or venue.

The coronavirus is still a concern and so it pays to wear a face-covering when you can and be mindful of what you touch and social distancing too.

However, as great as your night out is, it can quickly turn from an enjoyable time to a risky situation. Being smart and avoiding potential risks is key so how do you stay safe?

#1 Stay in a group

There can very few of us who have not had one drink too many on a night out. Luckily in most cases, friends kept an eye on us and made surer we reached home safely.

There is a lot to be applauded about staying in a group whether that’s a mixed group, a group of men or women.

Alcohol changes our view of things and so we are more likely to wander into the road, fall over, get into an argument or a fight, or lose something important such as wallet, purse, phone or keys.

Sticking together reduces the possibility of alcohol-induced accidents and incidents.

#2 Keep an eye on your drink

The sad fact is, not everyone’s idea of a great time is the same as yours. Between 2015 And 2019, there were nearly 3,000 cases of spiked drinks – where someone slips a drug or alcohol into your drink – with three-quarters of these complaints being made by women.

For someone who drinks a spiked drink, the results can be horrendous from sexual assault to physical assault and theft.

Keep a close eye on your drink and never leave it unattended. If you think someone has spiked your drink – it can be difficult to spot but someone close or leaning over your drink could easily drop something into it – report it to the bar staff. Some pubs and clubs have test kits that turn the drink a purple colour if something has been added to it.

Pubs and clubs take a dim view of people spiking drinks and will often eject someone immediately who is suspected of doing so.

#3 Plan your trip home

Just as you booked transport to the venue, book it home too.

Getting home safely is a key part of enjoying your night out. Booking official, licensed transport also means you are safer than if you hail a cab on the street. With your beer goggles on, you may not notice that the car you are getting in is not a taxi.

#4 Hang on to your valuables

Or better still, only take the things you need with you. Keep an eye on your phone, your keys, bag, purse or wallet. Again, drinking drops our guard and that means we may leave our belongings on tables, on the floor, or simply unguarded.

#5 Pace yourself

You want to enjoy your night but drinking too much too fast will wreck your night. Being very drunk places you in a very vulnerable position, altering your perception, judgement, and reasoning.

Drink responsibly and if you feel yourself sliding too quickly into being drunk, switch to soft drinks or water to help your body process it.