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How To Hire The Right TV & Film Security Service

How to Hire the Right TV & Film Security Service

How to Hire the Right TV & Film Security Service

There are many factors that need to come together in the filming process. Every filming project, whether it a film, TV commercial or another project, runs along tight deadlines. Everything needs to be in place before the call for ‘action!’ is made. And that includes behind-the-scenes stuff too, security included. What do you look for when hiring TV and film security staff?

#1 What experience and reputation do they have?

Top of the list is how much experience a security company has and the reputation they have for providing top class film and TV security.

The range of security services that production and film companies need will vary and so you need to be confident that the security company in question can adapt and respond to your changing needs.

#2 Do they have all the correct licences and insurance?

You also need to be confident that the security company in questions has all the correct insurances in place to cover their TV and film security staff.

Likewise, you want SIA licensed security personnel too. This means that have been trained to the highest professional standard, something that is important. You want any potential problems dealt with swiftly but professionally and appropriately, something that SIA licensed security personnel will deliver?

#3 How do they deliver their service?

Filming may not happen in one location in the UK and likewise, the hours are sometimes unsocial. There may be times when you need a large number of security personnel on set or at a location. And yet, at other times, you will far fewer people…

The changing nature of your security needs dictate that you need a security company that can – and will! – adopt and modify they security response as necessary.

To this end, you need to fully understand how they operate. Do they have a large number of SIA licensed security personnel at different UK locations that they can call upon when the security detail increases?

Can they scale back their response when necessary? And what about quality assurance for the service they provide? What happens should there be an incident? How do they manage these?

These questions – and you’ll have many other besides – all need to be answered to your satisfaction. You are looking, essentially, for a security company that understand what is required of them, with workable and tested solutions in place so that there is never a gap in security cover on location and so on.

#4 What about cost?

And finally, there is the thorny issue of cost to consider.

Productions are on a tight filming schedule. There is very little room for manoeuvre around deadlines.

The same is often true for budgets. However, this doesn’t mean you should opt for budget security service simply because this move can be laced with problems.

TV and film security services should be offered on an affordable and competitive cost basis. What that doesn’t mean is that the higher the price, the better the service. Like all purchases and contracts on your project, you need be clear what level of security service you will receive for the money.

You could, of course, cut through all of this and contact us, an established security company offering a range of security solution, including TV and film security.


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