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Bonfire Security Tips

Bonfire Security Tips

Bonfire Security Tips

Looking at the monthly statistics for burglary, November is a peak month which is why you need these Bonfire night security tips.

What the statistics tell us

November 2018 saw 38,756 burglaries reported in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, an increase of over 1,000 on the previous month. The number of burglaries dropped the following month by over 3,000, remaining this way for several months into 2019. So why the spike in November?

Statisticians believe that one reason is Halloween and Bonfire night, two annual celebrations in which invite people into our homes but by doing so, we leave the way open for burglars and thieves too. As we enjoy the fireworks and the bonfire, the open shed invites thieves and unlocked doors with distracted homeowners in the garden make for easy pickings.

Not surprisingly, Bonfire night and the month of November is top for insurance claims for fire damage and ‘domestic damage’ too.

How can you keep your home secure over the Bonfire and firework season?

Keep entry points to your home and garden secure

If you’re hosting a party at home, whilst marshmallows are being toasted on the fire and your firework display is being prepared, you want to be confident that your front door is locked, as well as other entry points to your home. If you are welcoming guests to your home, as tempting as it may be to have all doors and gates open, ask them to arrive through one exit. This way, you only have one entry and exit point to keep an eye on.

It goes without saying to keep all windows closed and preferably locked

Keep lights on inside and outside your property

The worse thing for any thief is not just the prospect of being caught but the idea of having to make more effort to gain entry to a property unseen. Therefore, interior lights should be on as well as any security lighting you have to the side, front and rear of your property.

People often worry about leaving lights on as they think that this slows burglars and thieves to see what they are doing. But it is the darkness that provides cover for would-be thieves.

Empty house – keep it locked and lit

One reason why burglaries peak in November is that many of us leave our homes to enjoy the community firework displays. As well as leaving lights on and locking doors and windows, make sure that any home security devices are live and recording, the best way of gathering evidence if your home is burgled.

You might also want to consider pulling the curtains and leaving a TV on so that anyone passing your property is under the impression that there is someone home.

Lock valuable items away

No one likes to think of someone uninvited being in their home and taking items but it can and does happen, unfortunately. Keeping valuables locked up means they are less likely to be stolen and with theft of keyless cars also being an issue at the moment, you might want to reconsider where you store your car keys so that this is less likely to happen.

As at all times of the year, preventing burglaries and theft over the bonfire season is about being alert and aware of just how secure your home is.


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