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Event Security – Advice For Spring And Summer Events In The UK

Event Security – Advice for Spring and Summer Events in the UK

Event Security – Advice for Spring and Summer Events in the UK

The sun is beginning to shine, the grey of winter is passing and that means one thing: festival and summer event season is here!  The chance to shed winter clothes and enjoy the warmth of the spring sun on UK bank holidays is not lost on anyone. With events planned across the UK for the coming year, event security is once again on everyone’s mind. How do you stay safe?

Violence and Terrorism

There are many event security threats that event organisers face. The rise in knife crime to recent terrorist acts such as the bombing of religious places of worship in New Zealand and Sri Lanka both serve as horrible reminders of the threats to our safety.

The answer does not lie in not attending events – that means the terrorists or perpetrators of crime have ‘won’ – but it pays to remain vigilant and know what to do should something happen.

Summer Security partnership 2019

Local police forces will be working in partnership with event organisers to make sure that summer events are as safe as possible.

The ‘Summer Security’ programme is a coordinated effort between the police and organisers and has been designed to oversee events and give event security advice when required.  Also too highlight good practice in event security and in the training of thousands of festival staff and event security personnel across the UK.

The overall aim of Counter Terror Police officers is to support and advise event security staff across the country so that the possibility of attacks are minimised as much as possible.

It also seeks to address issues should something happen, and event security staff being able to mitigate the impact of a terror strike.

There is no current intelligence that leads us to believe that any of the current events in the UK are being targeted. But police are advising everyone, staff and festival attendees alike, to familiarise themselves with existing safety information.

The aim of the programme is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves but that as far as is possible, every precaution is taken so that everyone remains safe. Terror attacks and strikes in crowded, public places, such as concert venues, have devastating effects.

The Summer Security programme is just as much about reassuring people as it is about spotting potential issues before they become a problem.

The current event safety advice

  • The current advice should an event be hit by an attack is Run, Tell, Hide…
    Run and take cover
  • Phone 999 and give them as much information as possible
  • Stay hidden until you are told to move by police or other emergency services personnel

If you spot something suspicious, there are several routes you can take to report your concerns;

  • On-site police or approach event security staff
  • Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 – you don’t need to give your name
  • For non-emergencies, you can call 101 or in the case of an emergency, dial 999

Enjoy the summer events but stay vigilant and be familiar with event safety advice.


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